Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Johnson is a very thorough and caring doctor who not only discovers your source of pain, but gives advice as how to avoid experiencing that kind of pain in the future. He brought my pain scale in my left hip from a 10 to a zero in three days, and I've never had that kind of pain since. It was like a miracle."

- Gail Veley

"I've experienced a huge reduction in pain caused by whiplash since meeting Dr. Johnson. He has taught me a lot about how my spine functions and what do to avoid pain."

- Katherine Parry

"I have been going to My Family Chiro, Dr. Johnson, for a couple of years now. His method of holistic chiropractic care has helped me more than I can say. From my knee (bone on bone), to my lower back with two blown discs to my carpal tunnel surgery issues he has been there. I love his sense of humor as well."

- Donald Lamb

"I'm very pleased with my care at My Family Chiro! Dr. Johnson is wonderful and he is very thorough when he explains what he is doing. He is the best chiropractor I have ever been to and I'm so glad that I found him! He and his staff are very caring and kind and they are very willing to accommodate your every need. If you need a chiropractor, Dr. Johnson is the best one around!!"

 - Robin Lash

"Very happy with the service. Dr Tom is very thorough and goes the extra mile to help his patients. Really appreciate Dr Tom and and the girls in the office."

 - Barb Damron

"I never much thought about chiropractic as a practical thing to do, more equating it to massage and/or acupuncture. After a few visits to Dr. Tom and Mike though, my tune has changed. These guys make you feel at home, tell you everything that's going on and give a great education to the importance of your spine and skeleton being in shape to carry the rest of you. I have gotten my wife to go for treatment as well and it has helped her back and shoulder pains immensely. Good times, good guys and good pricing. Mike and Tom definitely care about and for their clients."

 - Dennis Knipfer

"Great chiropractor! Clean, professional, and welcoming staff. Very knowledgeable, and personable Doctor! Very comfortable with my treatment, and the doctors experience. I will use his chiro office exclusively from now on! Highly recommend."

 - Jayne Longmore

"I started going to My Family Chiro when I had unbearable neck and back pain. I was used to back pain being a constant in my life for years, but the neck pain was new and causing horrible headaches. I decided to try a chiropractor as a last resort, and I am so glad that I did! Dr. Johnson is fantastic at what he does and now, a little over a month later, I am amazed every day that I am walking around pain-free. My Family Chiro is a great chiropractic office with a great doctor and wonderful staff. I highly recommend them to anyone in search of a chiropractor."

 - Jennifer Brown

"The guys at My Family Chiro are amazing! They are very knowledgeable and extremely friendly. It amazes me how great I feel after my adjustments. I was nervous about going to a chiropractor but Dr. Tom Johnson has been great at making me feel comfortable each and every time."

 - Nate Roblez

"Wow, what can I say. My family Chiro is awesome! I went in there, I could barely walk, sitting down and getting up was so painful. I left there after my adjustment, and I was amazed. I felt so much better. I love going in there. They do an awesome job, they truly do care. I would recommend them to everyone."

 - Josh Hawks

"Best Chiropractor Ever!!! These guys are so nice and very informative. Every time I have gone I have walked out feeling better then before. Thanks you guys"

 - Trevor Foisy

"Great place to unwind.. Dr. Tom is fantastic and really cares about his customers.. With all the Chiropractors in St George this is the one that make the difference...I live in Ivins and would even travel further to see him.. He is committed to making you feel your best! His business does all chiropractic care with x-rays to see where you start and see the progress till end of treatment. So they proved to me that I was improving. Not only do they cover neck, back, posture, headaches, etc. there's massage (I wish there was yoga). He's extremely nice and has a great sense of humor, I definitely recommend him. He provides the best of care! P.S. Just hint … don’t let him catch you jumping up and down on the worship team…"

 - Rickine Kestin

"For nearly 30 years I have been seeing Chiropractors who only managed my pain level. Dr. Tom Johnson and the team at My Family Chiro are the first to have me living pain free in decades!. Thank you for the amazing personal service and great care in bringing me to real pain free living!"

 - Jimi Kestin

"I had never went to a chiropractor in my life and was hesitate to try one. Well that experience was quickly erased with the awesome care and expertise of Dr. Tom Johnson. I was having neck and back issues along with some other problems that I didn't know I had and every return adjustment just keeps getting better and better. I walk a lot on hard floors and stand; the pain is decreased in my back and is pretty much gone when at work. The care and concern Dr. Thomas and Mike show everytime I followup is just like the first day. I would recommend to all my friends and co-workers to visit and change their lives for the best. I feel fantastic!!!"

 - Deborah Newsome

"Being treated at My Family Chiro has been excellent and I've experienced great results and hospitality from Dr. Tom and Mike. It's managed by a great group of people!"

 - Uriah Hernalsteen

"I have seen an amazing improvement in movement and reduction in neck and back pain. I have had issues for years and I am so happy with Dr Johnson."

 - Connie Johnson

"My experience at my family chiro was really fantastic! The staff is very friendly and helpful! Dr. Johnson is great and very knowledgeable."

 - Rachelle Folger

"I had arthroscopic knee surgery a few years ago and have been dealing with increasing pain and mobility problems for the last two years. I heard about My Family Chiro from a friend and decided to try it out. How glad I am that I did!!! What a difference this wonderful place has made in my life. Dr. Johnson is a miracle worker. He started me out with the Cold Laser treatments for my knees and after just the first visit I was noticing the difference. I have continued with that and then he did the Impulse Adjusting on my neck, back and hips. Wow! I feel like a new woman. The pain is nearly gone and I have my mobility back. No more holding on to things to brace myself and no more struggling in and out of the car or in and out of chairs. My headaches have gone away and I feel great!!! Thanks so much!! Your Friend Dalila"

 - Dalila Janet Zeballos

"On July 13, 2012 I had arthroscopic surgery to my right knee. Being sixty-one years old and over weight my recovery was slow. I met Dr. Johnson about 10 weeks after my surgery. I was still having pain, aching and even throbbing at times, especially at night. Dr. Johnson told me about the Laser Therapy and how it could help me. After three treatments I noticed the throbbing at night was gone. The pain continued to decrease with each treatment. I had eight treatments in all and was very pleased with the results. I am a home health nurse and I'm on my feet a great deal, I'm in and out of the car and have to go up and down stairs several times a day. I do this five days a week. I testify to you this therapy works. Thank you Dr. Johnson."

 - Pam Wallick

"When I started with Dr. Johnson I was looking for something for my pain and numbness….Dr. Johnson was able to change my life so I could continue work and live life with much less pain. I also have Fibromyalgia and was only able to sleep for forty five minutes to an 1 ½ hrs. without waking up from pain. Now I only wake up once or twice, it’s a miracle.

This DC is very good at communicating. He showed genuine care for me. He offered ultra-light adjustment, no snapping my neck! I feel amazing! I will be a regular customer."

 - Cathy Winthrill


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