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Dr. Tom Johnson, our resident chiropractor at My Family Chiro in St George, treats auto accident victims with chiropractic care, and services that include rehabilitative exercises, nutritional counseling, home therapy recommendations and massage therapy. As part of our commitment to help patients access complete recovery services, Dr. Johnson uses advanced technology to assist legal representatives challenge insurance company denials and reduced compensation settlement offers.

MioVision Technology Enables Comprehensive Treatment

Auto accident related injuries like whiplash and transient back pain associated with muscle tension are often hard to defend in court. When there are no obvious outward signs to support injury claims, insurance companies and other responsible parties often challenge patient claims. Unlike broken bones, which show up on x-rays and lacerations that are visible to the eye, muscle tension is not typically seen on diagnostic tools or with a physical examination.

Utilizing well-established, proven EMG technology, this new diagnostic device uses surface electromyography to measure electrical activity in the muscles surrounding the spine. The sEMG records abnormal electrophysiological impulses and measures range of motion (bend angles) in a matter of seconds. The test is painless and doesn’t have any side effects.

Test results provide valuable data that Dr. Johnson uses to design individual treatment and pain management plans. Finally, St George patients who have been denied insurance coverage or settlement agreements surrounding accident related injuries can “prove” they suffer from pain associated with muscle guarding. Using MioVision technology, lawyers have tangible evidence to present in court or at the negotiating table that demonstrates muscle tension and pain when a patient bends. Presenting quantifiable evidence that demonstrates the presence of pain strengthens plaintiff arguments.

Gaining access to initial treatment coverage isn’t the only advantage for accident victims. Dr. Johnson uses the technology to monitor and record treatment effectiveness and injury recovery. Over the course of treatment, repeat testing provides evidence massage therapy, spinal adjustments, and corrective exercises are reducing pain levels. This information encourages patients to continue treatment and demonstrates to insurance companies the value of ongoing chiropractic care toward a full recovery.

My Family Chiro Works Closely With Patients and Their Legal Team

Back pain is one of the most common auto accident complaints. If you have been in an automobile accident and your attorney has recommended legal action against the at-fault party or a reluctant insurance company, Dr. Johnson can help strengthen your case with quantifiable evidence that shows exactly where pain originates and which muscles are impacted.

Some insurance providers and attorneys are not yet familiar with this innovative technology. Feel free to have your legal representative or insurance carrier call our St George office for more information. If you want to learn more about how chiropractic care, and complementary services can help you recover faster from soft tissue injuries, whiplash and other injuries, we invite you to contact our office to schedule a MioVision test and a complete physical exam.


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