Suffering From Scoliosis?


In patients with scoliosis, the spine curves sideways. Although this condition usually appears in adolescents, adults can also develop it. Treatment at My Family Chiro in St George, UT seeks to improve the degree of curvature, reduce discomfort, and improve posture.

In patients with scoliosis, the spine curves sideways. Call our St George office today to schedule an appointment and begin your journey toward wellness.

Overview of This Condition

Scoliosis affects between 6 million and 9 million U.S. patients. Children between 10 and 15 form the biggest group. More girls than boys develop the disorder. However, in recent years, the adult scoliotic population has been growing.

Healthcare professionals cannot link around 80 percent of cases to any specific cause. The remaining patients have one of these types of scoliosis:

  • Congenital curving – present at birth
  • Paralytic curving – muscles do not work
  • Myopathic deformity – muscles fail to work correctly
  • Secondary – caused by another condition, such as osteoporosis

The most common symptoms include a protruding shoulder blade, uneven shoulders, a rib hump, a lower back hump visible when you bend forward, an uneven waist, or one hip that looks elevated.

A patient’s appearance is a significant chiropractic concern. However, progression of this condition might also cause health concerns such as back pain, nerve disorders, and compression of tissue in the heart and the lungs. For all these reasons, screening at our practice is very important.

Chiropractic Diagnosis and Treatment

Chiropractic treatment uses natural therapies that avoid surgery and prescription drugs. Our chiropractor relies on a physical exam, medical history, family history, and X-rays to confirm a scoliotic diagnosis. The Cobb method is a diagnostic measurement of a spinal curve. Patients with a curve of more than 10 degrees receive a positive diagnosis. Curves beyond 25 to 30 degrees are significant. Severe curves are those that fall beyond the 45-to-50 range.

For patients in the mildest category, chiropractors typically monitor the disorder for any signs of progression. Most of these individuals don’t report back pain that exceeds that experienced by the general population. Whenever a spinal curve passes 30 degrees or appears to be rapidly progressing, it’s time to generate a treatment plan.

Scoliotic patients typically have a spinal subluxation. This refers to a spinal bone out of alignment with the bone above or below it or one that’s partially dislocated. Chiropractors have special training to find and treat areas of subluxation that might cause spinal pain or a disturbance in the nervous system. It’s possible to treat subluxation and to significantly lower the angle of a scoliotic curve with chiropractic adjustments. Other treatment options include bracing, exercises, postural counseling, and using heel lifts.

In the case of an adult-onset disorder, usually caused by joint and disc deterioration, curvature is unlikely to progress to the point of a deformity. Water exercises in a pool help some patients. Massage therapy to increase circulation and loosen joints and muscles is sometimes also helpful. Some practitioners also recommend cold packs to reduce inflammation in targeted areas after physical activity and hot packs to reduce discomfort and boost blood flow.

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