Shoulder Pain from an Auto Injury

shoulder pain

If your shoulder is bothering you in the aftermath of an auto accident, don't assume you can "work it off" or that it will magically get better without any kind of medical intervention. That shoulder pain could be a referred distress signal from an injured region of your spinal column, meaning that it may have more far-reaching implications for your health and wellness than you realize. Your best bet in these situations is to seek skilled treatment -- and we're ready to provide that treatment here at My Family Chiro.

Of course there are many cases of shoulder pain that involve fractured bones, lacerations, and/or soft tissue damage to the joint capsule itself. These injuries may require immediate treatment, up to and including surgery, at a hospital emergency room. But it's also possible to sustain a wide range of injuries to the nerves and vertebrae of the neck and upper back.These injuries can refer pain to the shoulder, either on impact or some time after the incident. Whiplash, for instance, is notorious for causing pain, not only in the neck, but also in the head, jaw, shoulders and arms -- and the symptoms might not present themselves right away, allowing you to do further damage unknowingly.

One the most common kinds of shoulder pain sustained in an auto accident is called thoracic outlet syndrome. The thoracic outlet is a passage between your first rib and your clavicle, through which bundles of nerves and blood vessels extend to the arms, hands and shoulders. An auto accident impact can throw part of your upper body forward even through the other half is secured by your safety harness. The resulting twisting motion can cause subluxation, herniated discs and pinched nerves in the thoracic spine. Like whiplash, thoracic outlet syndrome can cause pain in the arm and hand as well as the shoulder.

Shoulder Pain Treatment at My Family Chiro

The first step in treating your shoulder pain is understanding it. Our chiropractor will ask you about the crash, your symptoms, and your medical history while evaluating your shoulder and spinal column carefully. If we determine that you have whiplash, thoracic outlet syndrome, or another injury involving nerve impingement, we will stop your symptoms at the source by relieving the tension on your cervical or thoracic nerves. In addition to traditional adjustment, we may recommend non-surgical spinal decompression to help pull herniated or bulging discs away from nearby nerves and back to their original positions.

To help your soft tissues regain their former strength and pain-free range of motion, My Family Chiro may also prescribe a personalized course of physical therapy. These easy-to-perform corrective exercises are matched to your current abilities and needs, and you can do them at home or at work without any special equipment.

Don't wait for auto injury shoulder pain to go away -- contact My Family Chiro and use our natural techniques to rid yourself of it!


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