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Stand up straight! Don't slouch! Your picky grandmother was right. Using proper posture is one of the best ways to avoid aches and pains and to keep your spine in correct alignment. There are three major types of posture, known as the Three S's: sitting, standing, and sleeping. Each one connects with the other two, so it's important that you practice all three for the healthiest and most pain-free results.

Our St George Chiropractor Talks About Proper Posture

Using good posture doesn't just make you look taller; it have a host of health benefits. Among the best reasons for using proper posture:

  • It prevents back ache and muscular pain
  • It prevents the spine from being forced into abnormal positions
  • It keeps bones and joints in the correct alignment
    it decreases the stress on ligaments
  • It helps muscles to work more efficiently, reducing or preventing fatigue


In general, stand with both feet on the ground and with your weight evenly balanced. Don't lean to the side or push your weight onto one hip. Don't text with your head bent down to look at the screen. Wait until you can sit and look your smart phone directly in front of your face. Imagine there's a line running from the top of your head to your heels. Keep one half of your body on each side of this line.


The furniture you choose can contribute greatly to your effort at using proper sitting posture. Sit in a chair that allows you to sit straight upright. Instead of leaning over toward the table or a screen, pull the chair up so your face is closer. Sit up straight when reading or watching TV; don't slouch or slump sideways. Keep both feet on the floor with your knees at right angles. Avoid crossing your legs or ankles, as this can cause stress on hip muscles and your spine from twisting.


Your posture when you sleep may be the most important of all, because it's held for such a long length of time. You may sit or stand for minutes at a time, but you lay in bed sleeping for hours. You'll get the best results by sleeping on your back or side, but there's no way to control the position you move into once you're asleep. This is why your bedding is so important. Use a pillow that supports your head in a neutral position, neither higher or lower than your shoulders. Use the firmest mattress that is comfortable to support your back when you're sleeping. Finally, do some light stretching exercises before bed, to loosen up the muscles that support your back and neck ligaments.

Using proper posture is just the beginning of having a healthy spine for life. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, call My Family Chiro in St George. We'll be happy to make you an appointment that fits in with your busy lifestyle.


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