Get Healthy This Year

Get Healthy This Year


My Family Chiro Is Your Source For The Chiropractic Lifestyle

At My Family Chiro our experienced chiropractor, Dr. Johnson serves the greater St George and surrounding areas in Utah. Our caring team is proud to offer a whole person approach making chiropractic a lifestyle, not simply a treatment for your pain. We are passionate about unearthing the underlying causes of your pain and health concerns to go beyond relief care and help you reach your optimal wellness. While you may initially come to see us for a personal injury or auto accident or back and neck pain, we want to help you and your family create a plan for everyday wellness. At your first visit with us we will discuss what your goals for health are and create a plan that aligns with your goals.

Ready To Get Healthy This Year With My Family Chiro?

Does back pain get in your way of performing certain duties at work or at home? Does your experience of pain keep you from having fun with the activities you love most in life like sports and recreation? Have you been involved in an auto accident or personal injury recently or in the past that is now causing pain and discomfort? You do not have to live like this though. We want to help educate you and your family on how to live well with the chiropractic lifestyle everyday.

Our St George chiropractor wants to help provide relief care from your pain, but he also wants to determine the underlying cause of your pain so he can help eliminate it. Determining the source of your pain helps our experienced team develop a clear, personalized path to keep your pain at bay. If you experienced an old injury due to sports, personal injury or an auto accident and are thinking, "it is an old injury, it can not be helped," we beg to differ. Dr. Johnson has helped countless people with new and old injuries to become pain free.

In addition to seeing us for regular adjustments, we may also prescribe at-home or on the go corrective exercises. We may also suggest the use of certain nutritional supplements or dietary suggestions that can complement your everyday wellness and chiropractic care.

Ready to start feeling your best everyday upon waking? We look forward to becoming your family's source for regular chiropractic care. Please call us to schedule your appointment now.


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